A massive fire broke out at an Exxon refinery in Louisiana as a fire started from inside the premises before midnight on Tuesday, February 11. 

Exxon Fire
Crews battling large fire at Exxon plant in Baton Rouge; No off-site impact, fire department says. @WBRZ/Twitter

No injuries reported, fire contained

The firefighters brought the blaze under control in north Baton Rouge. The blaze was contained to the area that it occurred and no injuries have been reported so far. 

ExxonMobil Baton Rouge took to its official handle and wrote, "Volunteer fireteam members are responding to fire at the Refinery. It was contained to the area where it occurred." 

Exxon fire

ExxonMobil reacts to accident

Exxon Fire
Photos from Scenic Highway show large plumes of black and white smoke as crews battle a large fire at the Exxon Refinery in Baton Rouge. @hscheinukphoto/Twitter

In an interview, Danny Lee, spokesperson for ExxonMobil, said, "The ExxonMobil volunteer fireteam members are responding to a fire at the ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery. There are no injuries. The fire was contained to the area where it occurred."

He further added, "Responders are still assessing the situation. We are monitoring air quality at the fence line. We apologise for any inconvenience and concern this may have caused."

The fire lit up the sky and caused great concern for the community. The refinery is located on the Mississippi River in North Baton Rouge.

'Not the result of an explosion' 

Exxon Fire
Photos by Zachary resident Denny Butler, who was driving home from work on I-110 when "the whole sky lit up, bright enough to be daytime.Twitter

According to the reports by the Newsweek, a spokesman for the Baton Rouge Fire Department confirmed that the fire was not the result of an explosion. Curt Monte said the blaze had broken out inside the facility at around 11.30 pm on Tuesday." 

"There has not been any off-site impact. We sent Baton Rouge Fire Department hazmat teams out and they're continuing at this time to monitor outside air quality. They have not picked up any readings outside the facility," he said.

Taken aback by the fire at ExxonMobil oil refinery, people took to Twitter to express their concern posting videos and photos from the location.

One wrote, "Exxon really on fire... Please check on people in the surrounding areas."  While another wrote, "Throughout my pregnancy, I've had nightmares about the Exxon plant in Baton Rouge exploding. Austin just left home to report on an explosion and fire at the plant. I am sick about this and praying no one is hurt." 

More about ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is the largest manufacturing employer in Louisiana. The Baton Rouge refinery is the fifth largest in the US.

The facility produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and more. At the chemical plant, products produced include paint, adhesives, plastic milk jugs, and other everyday items.