strange object orbiting earth
YouTube: Secureteam10

A few days back, a team of researchers at the Hawaiian Haleakala Observatory spotted a bizarre object that is mysteriously orbiting the earth as close as 600 kilometers. The creepy movement of the object soon caught the attention of astronomers, and after initial analysis, experts labeled it an empty trash bag due to its strange movement as if a plastic bag is caught on the wind.

Researchers at the Northolt Branch Observatories in London assured that this creepy flying object could be actually the piece of a metallic object left over from a rocket launch. However, alien enthusiasts do not seem convinced with this explanation, and adding heat to their claims, popular extraterrestrial researcher Tyler Glockner has released a video on YouTube titling it, 'Something is shadowing earth and moving around in space.'

In the video, Tyler Glockner argued that the chances of this object being a metallic piece left over from a rocket launch are pretty less. As per Glockner, the UFO orbiting the earth is almost 600 kilometers away, and he believes that no rocket junk can be spotted at such a distance.

"But what is strange about this is its distance. This thing is spotted out there 600 kilometers away, which is much further than any typical piece of space junk that came out from rocket usually can be found. There is no other evidence that this object has come after a rocket launch. We really do not know where this object came from. It should be also noted that the object has a weird elliptical orbit," said Glockner during the video.

In the video, Glockner also talked about Oumuamua, the alleged interstellar asteroid that reached the solar system recently. Glockner, sharing views of Harvard astronomer argued that Oumuamua was so strange, and added that it could be actually an alien probe.

The video uploaded by Tyler Glockner soon went viral on YouTube, and it has already racked up more than 3,22,000 views on YouTube. Most of the viewers of 'Secureteam10' assured that the strange object might be actually alien scout ships from deep space.

"Tyler... I truly believe we are being visited and watched more and more...our planet is due for major catastrophe sooner then later...we are ripe and ready for an ELE (extinction level event) either it be an asteroid or a major volcanic eruption or anything even nuclear war," commented oOoKAiNoOo, a YouTube user.

"The object in question is 300-600 miles above Earth, yet the best images are a just a few pixels? We can view craters on the Moon fairly clearly & it's "supposed" to be much further away from the Earth than 600 miles. Why are these "official" images always so horribly pixelated?" commented Early Cuyler, another YouTuber.