EXO will release their second studio album 'EXODUS' on 30 March.Facebook/EXO-M

After being on hiatus for nearly a year due to several controversies following the departure of Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan, EXO will be back with their second album "EXODUS" on 30 March.

Online music shop Synnara has shared vital details, including the track list, about Chinese-South Korean boy band's most-anticipated project.

The studio album will be released in both Chinese and Korean editions, and will have 20 versions with 10 songs each. While the Korean edition will have a golden cover, Chinese edition will come in silver, according to Koreaboo.

Apart from 10 songs, the album will also include a randomly signed photo card, a poster and a 52-page photo booklet with messages from EXO members.

SM Entertainment has already released several teaser trailers, called "Pathcode", on the official YouTube channel. The clips contain hidden messages that will help EXO fans to unlock concept photos uploaded on the group's special promotional site.

Besides offline stores, "EXODUS" will be digitally released on Genie, Melon and Naver Music with solo cover editions portraying each EXO member. 

Here is the track list of "EXODUS", according to Allkpop:

  • Call Me Baby: The title track consists of strong and addictive melody with witty lyrics.
  • Transformer: It is composed by Stereotypes and Kenzie and has lot of strong drum beat and brass.
  • What If: It is an R&B ballad song composed by The Underdogs.
  • Playboy: This song is composed by SHINee's Jonghyun and it tells the story of a chic playboy.
  • My Answer: It revolves around a man's sincere confession towards a girl.
  • Exodus: This is a dance number and it tells the story of a guy who tries to run away from a girl with fatal charms.
  • El Dorado: It is a song from EXO's debut teaser video back in 2012.
  • Beautiful: Another song from EXO's debut teaser
  • Hurt: The song has strong dark beats and dreamlike sound.
  • Lady Luck: It is a slow tempo urban R&B song.