TV actress Mahika Sharma, who has worked in shows like Ramayana and FIR, has been in self-quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, just like the rest of the world. However, the actress is not in Mumbai with her family but stuck in the United Kingdom. 

In an exclusive chat with International Business Times, India, Mahika has revealed that she is disturbed as she is alone in a foreign country.

Mahika Sharma
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Talking about the purpose of travelling to the UK, the actress said: "I was here for work and suddenly the outbreak made me stay here. My friend has his flat and offered me to stay until things normalise. I'm all alone in a flat-locked, supermarket people sends me all essentials," adding that she didn't return to India so as to avoid risk travelling.

'Didn't return to India as I wanted to avoid travel'

"I didn't return to India as I wanted to avoid travel. I'm fit and fine, so it wasn't good to risk out travelling. Sometimes we need to compromise and that what I did being a responsible citizen."

Praising the UK government in tackling the current tensed situation in the UK, Mahika told us: "The situation here is very risky and bad but the government is leaving no stone unturned and most amazing thing here is no rumours and all educated people. In India, I feel lack of education will bring the nation in problem, mobiles in wrong hands are creating so much of false claims and rumours.

People just want to earn likes, comments and views and want to use the situation to turn famous and become a celebrity. They aren't understanding the matter and taking it as a holiday. It's really bad. I feel our country as a monkey population and not humans and lastly 'baat badi and darshan chote (sic).'

The sexy actress further said that although it is disturbing to be stuck in a foreign country, she fears being victimised by people close to her upon returning to India as they might assume she is carrying COVID-19

Mahika gained recognition after winning the beauty pageant - Miss Teen Northeast.

Mahika Sharma
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