Former BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta, who was arrested in the TRP case, has been hospitalized and currently in the ICU of JJ Hospital in central Mumbai. Dasgupta was rushed to the hospital from the Taloja Central Prison in Navi Mumbai on Saturday after his blood sugar levels spiked on Friday midnight.

According to reports, Dasgupta is currently on Oxygen support. The police said the ex-BARC CEO was not taking his diabetes medicines, which resulted in the spike in his sugar levels, but his condition remains stable now.

Shortly after the news of Dasgupta's hospitalization broke, his daughter Pratyusha Dasgupta, in a detailed post on social media, made several accusations against the hospital staff and the judicial custody. In a letter addressed to PM Narendra Modi, Pratyusha spoke at length about the alleged horrors her father had to endure after being shifted to the hospital.

Partho Dasgupta

Pratyusha accused the Taloja Jail authorities of not informing the family that her father was taken to the hospital for 14 hours. She added that the hospital authorities waited for Dasgupta to regain consciousness and provide emergency contact details, when in fact she had several times wrote to the jail authorities in the past to let her see her father. Those mails had the contact information, which was not used at the time of Dasgupta's emergency hospitalization.

Allegations of negligence, torture, torment

Pratyusha further added that her father was still in the emergency room without a blanket when the family arrived. After 16 long hours, at around 5 a.m., Dasgupta was shifted to the ICU.

TRP Scam
TRP Scam

"At the emergency room, he was incoherent, unable to speak or express himself properly when he desperately tried to talk to us and his sugar levels had shot up to alarmingly high levels (516)," she alleged.

Pratyusha further explained that her father was already suffering from various ailments, including diabetes, hypertension, and ankylosing spondylitis and an auto immune disorder.

"We had constantly been trying to contact the jail authorities regarding his health over the past two weeks over email since we knew of his medical conditions and the repercussions it may have," she wrote.

Pratyusha also accused of ill treatment as her father was in a "completely traumatized state" and that he was "physically and mentally tortured."

Bringing to light such allegations, Pratyusha appealed to PM Modi to "save her father's life" by providing better treatment at a reputed hospital.