People of color and different races are often the victims of racial abuse, and the internet is full of such videos where we've seen white individuals who feel privileged pick on others based on their color or ethnicity. The frequent occurrence of such racist rants has earned such individuals the title of "Kevins" and "Karens" of the internet and one such individual was caught on tape spewing racial slurs at an Asian family. While you might think it is a white individual, but you're wrong.

An African American is seen abusing an Asian family, calling them names and asking them to go back to their country. In the line of firing is a traffic cop, who is also abused by this racist black man, who walks away yelling and shouting. The incident took place in New York in April 2018. 

African Americans can be racist

African American racist

Although it is an old video, dating back two years, this just goes on to prove that even African Americans can be racist. The video has since been watched more than a million times and continues to attract more views.

Watch the embedded video below for context: