Esha Gupta shares super hot photos on Instagram
Esha Gupta shares super hot photos on InstagramEsha Gupta Instagram

Esha Gupta's colleague questioned her claim of being 'raped with eyes', after she accused a hotelier, Rohit Vig, of molesting her. In a number of social media posts, the actress had alleged that the man kept staring at her inappropriately and she had to make her bodyguards intervene.

In an interview with Subhash K Jha, Esha's colleague asked, "How can she claim that this Rohit Vig raped her with his eyes? What is this new definition of rape?"

"At the most, Rohit stared at Esha Gupta. This is not a cognizable offence in any part of the world. And if she felt violated, why didn't she complain to the hotel management and just left the place? Could this baseless, utterly ridiculous tamasha have something to do with her new film releasing to empty houses?" the colleague added. 

The actress had posted a couple of videos a few days ago that showed her bodyguards telling Rohit about his misbehaviour. She also questioned the state of women's safety in the country in her post. "A few of you out there are asking me why m giving him importance. I will tell you why. If he can act like this with a girl like me, who has balls, imagine what he will do with other girls," she wrote.

"Such men are the reason these men think – I have money I will get saved. He never touched me or said a word. But his eyes were raping me. Rohit Vig you molested me last night," added Esha.

"If a woman like me can feel violated and unsafe in the county, then idk what girls around feel. Even with two securities around I felt getting raped.. #RohitVig you're a swine.. he deserves to rot [sic]," she wrote on Twitter.

While one section of netizens praised her for standing up to the man, another accused her of doing this as a publicity stunt for her new released film - One Day.