Esha Gupta shot back at trolls who questioned her recent social media post. The actress had shared several enviable pictures flaunting her perfectly toned body. In one of the pictures, she was seen "sunbathing" in her balcony shirtless. Esha keeps sharing gorgeous, sultry pictures of herself. And while her fans and followers love her posts, a certain section wasn't too happy.

esha gupta
esha gupta

The comments

"Vulgar", "Indecent", "Have you lost the shame?", "This is not Indian culture" were some of the negative comments on her picture. Now, Esha has reacted to the negative comments. "It's gender bias. So many male actors out there are putting up shirtless pictures. Why not ask them to cover up? People look at them and go, 'Waah bhai, kya body hai!'" she told HT.

Esha Gupta
Esha GuptaInstagram

Esha hits back

"It's their mentality that has to be blamed. A woman's clothes making people think about rape is problematic. I've become matured to the level where I don't react anymore. I also understand that people will point fingers no matter what you do. Once I remember putting up a picture in a saree and somebody writing, 'Aaj poore kapdon mein photo daala hai!' When I post a picture with makeup on, people call me 'plastic beauty'. And when I post a picture without it, they call me ugly and say that I need to put on makeup," she further added.

Esha Gupta's posts always leave the social media divided. While one section love her posts, another section of trolls jump in quick to drop in negative comments on her pictures and posts. However, not the one to let such behavior pass off easily, Esha always takes a stand.