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Esha Gupta became an Internet sensation after sharing topless photos from her lingerie photoshoot. The sizzling diva went completely nude on Instagram.

And seeing how Esha managed to heat up Instagram with her super-hot pictures, she was approached by a condom ad company.

According to a report in a tabloid, Esha Gupta was approached by a condom company to be their face alongside Sunny Leone. Yes, Sunny Leone has been their brand ambassador for a while now. Well, Esha did show interest but demanded double the fees in comparison to Sunny. Shocked by her demands, the company dropped the negotiations.

What to say!

Recently, Esha shared some topless photos that showed her covering her assets with just a pomegranate. While those pictures were hot enough to make any guy go weak in his knees, the gorgeous diva later took it to a new level. She posted pictures in which she was seen flaunting her bare butt.

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Talking about Sunny Leone, she was in the news some time back as her Navratri themed condom ad for Manforce triggered a controversy.

The actress did respond to the issue and said that celebrities are soft targets and such criticisms don't affect her.

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"You know, I strongly feel that all celebrities are soft targets. It goes without saying that it's not nice to hear nasty things about myself, especially things that are not true. But I know who I am in life and what my goals are. Plus, I have a happy and healthy family, and that's all I can ask for in life. The controversies that are made up mean nothing to me," the bold diva told HT Café.

The ad featuring Sunny Leone, who is the brand ambassador of Manforce condom, had irked many in Gujarat. The company had put up banners across the state bearing a sensuous picture of Sunny with a tagline in Gujarati. "Aa Navratri a ramo, parantu premthi" meaning "This Navratri play but with love".