Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has seen 3 eliminations, with Sarayu, Uma Devi, and Lahari out of the game already. As the game continues, the audience seems to be fed up with safe game plans by a few contestants. 

While Sree Rama Chandra, Manas, Vishwa, Sunny, and Swetha are getting stronger day by day, the other contestants are starting to bother the audience. One of those disliked contestants could be Lobo.

Lobo on Bigg Boss Telugu 5
Lobo on Bigg Boss Telugu 5Star Maa

Lobo's game plan is turning out to be unimpressive

From the starting of the show itself, Lobo seems to be playing on the safe side, claiming his ill health as a shield for not playing the physical tasks in Bigg Boss house. Now that the actor is bringing his 'basti' status into nominations, it has turned out that the audience is not enjoying his show anymore.

Even in the week's nominations, Lobo almost lost his control over Priya and yelled at her despite her keeping calm. The online viewers think Lobo has been playing a sympathy game by crying every now and then, bringing his financial status during the tasks, and his health as an excuse.

As Lobo is in the week's nominations, the audience hopes he is the next contestant to get eliminated from the show next.

Nagarjuna hosts Bigg Boss Telugu 5
Nagarjuna hosts Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Contestants in the nominations for upcoming eliminations in Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Nataraj, Lobo, Ravi, Priya, Kajal, Siri, Sunny, and Anne are in the nominations to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu house this week.