December has been a favorite month for apocalyptic believers for ages, and whenever the winter graces the blue planet, conspiracy theorists and adamant religious believers used to put forward various doomsday prophecies. This December is special for doomsday mongers as it marks Jupiter and Saturn will pass within touching distance of one another on the evening of December 21, on the night of winter solstice.

Closest visible conjunction

This cosmic event, also known as the Great Conjunction, happens every 20 years, and this year's planetary conjunction will be the closest visible conjunction since 1226. During the conjunction, these planets will come within 0.1 degrees, and it has made many people believe that the conjunction could be actually the appearance of the Christmas Star of Bethlehem from the Bible's New Testaments.

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NASA/ Lynette Cook

The date is considered vital by evangelical Christian groups, as they claim that the Mayan calendar will run out on December 21, the supposed date of world end.

Paul Begley talks about the end of the world

Popular Christian televangelist Paul Begley believes that the days of humanity are numbered, and he claims that these cosmic events are all signs conveyed by the ultimate superpower.

"The Grand Conjunction is a prophetic sign, I believe, that's letting us know you're in the Messianic era, that you're in the apocalyptic era because we're not going to see this sign again. "Jesus certainly is coming back before 500 years, maybe? I would almost guarantee it, but I'm not God. If it isn't, then the world will be so wicked I won't even know if we can recognize it. But one thing's for sure, there's going to be more signs in the heavens than even this one," said Begley, reports.

This is not the first time that Begley is making doomsday predictions. A few months back, the Christian evangelist claimed that the coronavirus outbreak and tensions in the middle east are all signaling the second coming of Christ, which could result in a rapture.