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The teaser for The Emoji Movie is out and it has the emoji Meh welcoming viewers (guess this teaser was shot on Monday, #FeelingMeh?). The teaser gives away nothing but three emojis that could find a place in the movie, Ice Cream, Cookie and Poop, apart from Meh. So what could be the other emojis that will feature in the movie? Here are a few that could and should find a place in the movie:

The face with tears of joy emoji:

One of the most popular emojis online, there is a huge likelihood that this emoji could find a place in the movie. According to the website, emojitracker, this particular emoji has been used the most on Twitter. Assuming that this will feature in the movie, the question lies, who will voice it? We suggest, Jimmy Kimmel voicing it. His laugh is hilarious and contagious. And he will be the perfect fit for the 

A mix of the unamused face and eye rolling emoji:

Either when your best friend forgets your birthday or you had a fight with your bae, this emoji comes to the rescue to tell the other person exactly how you feel. We're hoping that this emoji does find a place in the movie; these two emojis define our lives in the most annoying situations. If this does find a place, we want Robert Downey Jr voicing this. The Iron Man actor would set the perfect tone of sarcasm.

The Latin dancer emoji:

The popular dance emoji expressing celebrations, enthusiasm or merely dance has a great chance of featuring in the movie. If it does, it should be voiced either by Sofía Vergara of Modern Family or the Hips Don't Lie singer Shakira. While Vergara would bring in some fun along with the celebrations, (and join Downey Jr in the sarcasm), Shakira would make the dancing emoji a complete package as she adds the singing elements to it.

The heart in the eyes emoji:

If there is a flirtatious character in the movie, we want this emoji to be used. And the role should be played by Ansel Elgort. After winning hearts across the world for his aww-dorable character in The Fault in Our Stars, we are ready to fall in love with him again, obviously through the emoji.

The Pizza emoji

The most popular emoji in the US, everyone will be curious to know what the pizza feels and thinks about us. But who should voice the most-loved food? It would be interesting to see Amy Schumer, Tina Fey or Amy Poehler voicing the iconic emoji.

Did we miss any of your favourite emojis? What are the emojis that you would like to see in the movie? Or are you not convinced with the stars that should voice the emoji? Give us your comments below.