Emily Ratajkowski sure isn't letting her business suffer during the quarantine. The model has been ramping up promotion efforts for her brand Inamorata on the social media platform. Emily posted a set of snaps and videos to Instagram in which she can be seen modelling some gorgeous swimwear.

In the first snap, Emily can be seen in a patterned yellow and pink ensemble, it appears that she wears a similar ensemble in a video where she shows off her derrière.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily RatajkowskiEmily Ratajkowski Official Instagram (emrata)

Emily Ratajkowski ramps things up

In another snap, Emily has her back to the camera and is seen in see-through leggings. Emily sure knows how to tease her fans. Emily Ratajkowski seems to be ramping things up on Instagram. The model posted a video to the social media platform.

Emily Ratajkowski isn't slowing things down on Instagram. Perhaps, since it is uncertain when the lockdown might end, she wants to keep the momentum of her social media going.

Emily Ratajkowski has been using the social media platform to promote her swimwear line Inamorata. Her huge social media following is sure to make her huge profits, and we have to say, you go girl. Emily has been keeping herself busy with the brand.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily RatajkowskiEmily Ratajkowski Official Instagram (emrata)

Emily Ratajkowski has also been trying hard to break into Hollywood. She got her start opposite Ben Affleck in Gone Girl.

Ever since hen she has had good parts in a number of feature films like We Are Your Friends, Welcome Home and Cruise. Though it might be a while till Emily makes the transition to full-time actress.

Though she does seem to be making amazing headway when it comes to becoming a recognisable name in Hollywood. Emily first seemed to gain recognition when she was featured in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video, where the model appeared in the nude.

Emily has also been using her following and her social media presence to spread a message of woman empowerment.

Emily Ratajkowski is keeping herself busy with her brand and her movie career. Although it looks like she might be focusing her modelling career on Inamorata more than any other brand as it should be, there is no denying that Emily is a sought after name in the world of fashion. And before you know it, she might have her own empire. You can check out the video here: