Emcee Angela Rebello

The world of technology has evolved radically in the last few years with quick up-gradation in every field. When we talk about events and entertainment, the concept of virtual events has gained immense momentum since 2020. It simply sums up the fact that events with a hybrid twist are here to stay. As the hybrid event space provides endless opportunities for professionals to maximize their reach, it has been a surreal experience for in-person audiences and virtual audiences. Looks like emcee Angela Rebello has added one more feather in her cap by hosting a hybrid event.

She is one of the leading emcees of India who has taken the event industry by storm. She has significantly contributed by hosting an ocean of events across different parts of the world. Be it weddings, private parties or any other event for a global company, she has done it all. She recently hosted a hybrid show from India which was streamed across many countries of the world.

As the host took over the virtual space since the pandemic, she has been entertaining the audience with her wit, charm, and strong communication skills. Among many other emcees, she is one of the few names to host a hybrid event from India on a very large scale. The hybrid event took place on a physical as well as a virtual platform and was streamed live. The show was organized and executed by BOI Exp. The countries where the event was in a virtual setup are Romania, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

On the contrary, this hybrid event was hosted in a physical setup in other countries like Morocco, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Belarus, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya, Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, Oman, and India where she was streamed live and as a host, she interacted with audiences from these countries. She stated that such kinds of events have never been done before in India, and she is overwhelmed by hosting an event in more than 18 countries via the hybrid space.

When asked about her experience of hosting this one-of-a-kind show, she said, "It was something I have never done before. I cherish this moment, and I am grateful that I get to host shows on a large scale." Furthermore, she revealed that the best part of this hybrid show was that she felt hosting it in person across different countries. "I hosted it from a studio in Mumbai, but all it made me realize was I am hosting it live amidst hundreds of crowds in attendance. Such is the power of technology that you can host an event sitting in any part of the world", she added.

Till date, she has hosted more than 1600 shows all over the world. Be it from vertically, she has hosted the show with grace and endless entertainment. Apart from this, she has hosted more than 600 weddings across the globe. Having traveled to more than 50 nations of the world, the celebrated host has got a lot to offer to the audience in the coming time.