Global star Priyanka Chopra Jonas is all out and about promoting her recently released Netflix film The White Tiger. The actor appeared on The Ellen Show and answered a series of questions asked by host Ellen DeGeneres. She also played 'Truth or Drink' with Ellen, which was a fun and frolic segment. 

priyanka chopra

What is Truth or spill segment?

If Priyanka doesn't answer the question in the segment, she will have to drink a shot of tequila.

In the promo shared by Ellen DeGeneres's Twitter handle. Priyanka looks drop-dead gorgeous slaying in a black outfit with Ellen shooting some funny, tricky and real questions at global star PeeCee.   

priyanka chopra

Last celebrity that Priyanka Texted

Ellen asked her to name the last celebrity she has texted to which, Priyanka answered that she had just spoken to YouTuber Lilly Singh, who thanked her for appearing on her show. Priyanka added that Lilly also told her about appearing on Ellen's show next week.

Priyanka channels her inner Celine Dion

PeeCee was asked to do the best impression of singer Celine Dion, with whom she worked on Text For You,

Saying, "warning that this could turn out to be embarrassing, she goes on to sing Celine's It's All Coming Back To Me Now with utmost conviction. An impressed Ellen reacted, "That's good. I liked it."

PeeCee's favourite Jonas brother on TikTok

Which Jonas brother does she follow on Tik Tok

Ellen asked Priyanka to name the Jonas brother, who is her favourite to follow on TikTok. She immediately named her younger brother-in-law Frankie Jonas and added, "he's everyone's favourite to follow on TikTok."

Talking about husband Nick, she shared:

My husband is a lot neater than I am. Now because I don't want to be the messy one in the house, I have started keeping my shoes back and like... making the bed in the morning, and he loves eating on the dining table, he can't eat on the couch which I kinda love doing."

"For dinner, yeah, he prefers a dining table, he's formal that way," she adds. "Wow, that's fancy! Who knew Nick was so fancy!" Ellen quipped. "He's super fancy, even I didn't know he was fancy."

Priyanka stars opposite Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden in the Russo Brothers project. PeeCee opened up about her time in quarantine with husband Nick Jonas and revealed she learned a number of things about the Jonas Brothers member.

When Ellen asked PeeCee to tell a story about the time she saw another celebrity drinking too much. Priyanka chose to drink a shot of Tequila rather than answering a question asked by Ellen. 

Ellen asked Priyanka about the climax of Matrix 4, Keanu Reeves franchise

Ellen asked her, "You are in the new top-secret Matrix movie which they have released no information about. Tell us what happens in the end." Priyanka chose to drink a tequila shot instead of answering the question regarding the highly anticipated sci-fi movie sequel.