Egyptian Bride
An Egyptian woman holding a doll dressed as a bride wearing a hijab. (Representative Image)Reuters

A civil court has ordered an Egyptian bride, who underwent a secret virginity operation, to pay £5240 (₹4 32,012) as compensation to her ex-husband after he found out that she lied about being a virgin and her past marriage.

The court ruled out that the woman had lost her virginity before getting married to him and had undergone surgery for vaginal rejuvenation. The woman's deceit has emotionally disturbed the man for which court had ordered her to give compensation.

The man said claimed that due to her dishonesty he was "suffering from depression and had lost trust in the people," according to Daily Mail.

The civil court upheld the earlier ruling that discovered her lie and increased the compensation amount.

The court, during the divorce battle in court of appeal in Abu Dhabi, heard that the woman had allegedly lied about her background, including that she had divorced her first husband.

 The court also agreed that with the help of her father the woman faked about her past relationship in the second marriage contract.

The couple, who had been married for three years, have a child together. The husband came to know about her first marriage only when he received an anonymous SMS message stating that his wife had already been married in the past.

After the text, the husband also received a copy of the woman's divorce document as a proof. He then filed a divorce case against his wife for keeping him in the dark. He also alleged that his wife underwent hymen-restoration surgery to fake her virginity. The surgery is carried out secretly in clinics in the Middle East.

In the Arab world, marrying a non-virgin is an embarrassing ordeal for men and his family. The £5240 compensation will help the man to overcome his shame of marrying a woman who had already slept with another man.

"If it is proved that the woman was not virgin and sought to get married without telling the man, there is no law that protects her," lawyer Ali Awad Kurdi said told AFP.

The woman's family is required to compensate the man with gifts, money and other things that are related to the relationship.