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Director Ramu Koppula's Telugu movie Ee Maya Peremito starring Rahul Vijay and Kavya Thapar has received mixed reviews and average ratings from the film critics and audience.

Ee Maya Peremito is a romance drama that has been written by director Ramu Koppula. Stunt master Vijay's daughter Divya, who is making her debut in films, has bankrolled the film under her home banner. The movie has received U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 1.53 hours.

Sri Ramachandra Murthy aka Chandu (Rahul Vijay) is a happy-go-lucky 'rebel' with no ambition in life. Sheetal Jain (Kavya Thapar), who is a daughter of Pramod Jain (Murli Sharma), falls in love with him after seeing his good nature. But the twist in the tale is that her father asks him to become worthy of his daughter. How Chandu wins his love forms the crux of the story.

Ee Maya Peremito explores a routine story in a retro template. The film is riddled with clichés, unmemorable scenes and predictability and it tests to your patience. Rahul Vijay and Kavya Thapar have done justice to their roles and their chemistry is good.

Murali Sharma, Rajendra Prasad and others have done good jobs. The music, camera work, action and dialogues are attractions, say the audience and critics.

Ee Maya Peremito review roundup: We bring you some critics and audience response on the film. Continue to see them.

Times of India Rating: 2

'Ee Maya Peremito' is a simple story that seems to drag on despite the short run-time. All it manages to do, is be a decent watch. Better luck next time!

Nikhil Linga‏ @linganikhil_

Enjoyed throughout the film... #EeMayaPeremito :)) @ActorRahulVijay @KavyaThapar Acting & Dance #ManiSharma Music Rajendra Prasad & @murlisharma72 Awesome sir... Don't miss it....

Telugu Filmnagar @telugufilmnagar

#EeMayaPeremito is a simple love story. It has all the commercial elements in the story line to make it interesting and gripping! Here's our review @ActorRahulVijay @KavyaThapar #EeMayaPeremitoFromToday @IamDivyaVijay #ManiSharma #RamuKoppula

S/O ಸುಬ್ಬನ್ನ‏ @_Manju225

#EeMayaPeremito Enjoyable Movie... Interval Scene & Claimax Scene @ActorRahulVijay Dance & Acting @KavyaThapar #ManiSharma BGM @IamDivyaVijay @murlisharma72 Eppudu Mana Society lo Present Nadustunna Situations ni baaga Handle Chesharu #Director

Sravani Lakshmi‏ @SravaniSayz

#EeMayaPeremito good second half with Nice message. @ActorRahulVijay dances, Fights n acting n This man @muralisharma72 always gives his best.

అరవింద సమేత వీర రాఘవ️‏ @NarikesthaOba

#EeMayaPeremito Cool Breezy Plot @ActorRahulVijay Dance Acting @KavyaThapar Glamour (Literally u become my current fav heroine). #ManiSharma Music Rajendra Prasad & @murlisharma72 Did their best..Don't miss

AhiTeja Bellamkonda‏ @ahiteja666

Liked the movie #EeMayaPeremito. Loved your performance @ActorRahulVijay ❤️ Super proud of you and people who watched the movie are talking great things about your performance @KavyaThapar You did a Good Job too As usual you killed it @Gauri_Naidu ❤️

Anvesh Tony‏ @anvesh_tony

#EeMayaPeremito Enjoyable Movie... Interval Scene & Claimax Scene @ActorRahulVijay Dance & Acting @KavyaThapar #ManiSharma BGM @IamDivyaVijay @murlisharma72 Kummesaru #Director