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Ee Maya Peremito has landed in trouble on the day of its release in theatre after some members from Jain community raised their objection over the song Arihanthanam from the film.

Ee Maya Peremito has five songs and Arihanthanam is one among them. Mani Sharma has composed the music for this soundtrack, while Shree Mani wrote the lyrics for it. Anurag Kulkarni and Sahithi Chaganti have rendered their voices for this track, which was released on the internet in July.

The song Arihanthanam has been available on the internet for listening for over two months, but none raised objection about it. Just on the day that Ee Maya Peremito hit screens, some members of Jain community claimed that the lyrics this track are taken from the sacred Jain religious song and they are hurting the sentiments of Jainism. They requested the makers to remove the words from the song.

Several members from the Jain community took to Twitter to request the film unit for the removal of the song. It should be seen whether the makers will respond to them. Here are some of their comments.

Arihant Bohra‏ @arihant_bohra

Stop hurting our religious sentiments by putting our Maha Mantra "Arihanthanam" for your pathetic movie with such obscene scenes it's really derogatory of our most sacred mantra . #eemayaperemito . @ramukoppula The track must be deleted from the movie

Aravind‏ @aravindjain26

@PMOIndia @ncbn @GoI_MeitY @MinOfCultureGoI we request you to cancel the promotion of a Telugu song which uses the Namaskar mahamantra of Jain's in their love songs. Cinema name is Ee Maya Peremito dir: Ramu koppula. We request you to save our culture #EeMayaPeremito please stop this song playing with the sentiments of Jain community and beliefs will not help you at any cost.


How one can use Sacred Mantra Navkar Mahmantra in a romantic song lets report this song . Telugu movie #EeMayaPeremito uses Navkar mantra in romantic songs. @MangoMusicLabel @JagoJainJagore @vishwajains @Ratnaworld @PankajJain_BJP @TigerRajaSingh

Siddharth shah‏ @Sidh_shah

#manisharma dear sir u have used our sacred navkar mahamantra in your romantic song of movie "ae maya permito"in "Arihantanam"song.humble request to remove the title and the wordings of our mantra from the song

Nelesh Jain‏ @NeleshJain

#manisharma garu, your new song Arihanthanam lyrics from #EeMayaPeremito are taken from sacred jain religious song and should not be used for romantic song, it is hurting the sentiments of #Jainism #jain Request you to remove those words from the song.

PaNKaJ Patwa Jain‏ @ipankajpatwa

@MangoMusicLabel #Navkar #Mahamantra is core of belief for us #Jains Please remove the mantra which is over & above a lakh mantras,using it commercially with invalid picturization is unacceptable Pls act on it before d most peaceful religion on earth acts against #EeMayaPeremito

Saurabh Jain‏ @Sjain227

It shows your irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour the way you put our Maha Mantra "Arihanthanam" in your movie #eemayaperemito. @ramukoppula The track must be deleted from the movie. @PMOIndia @ncbn @GoI_MeitY @MinOfCultureGoI please take an appropriate action against it.

Sarjak Parekh‏ @Sarjak99

@VSCreativeWorks - Please stop #Arihantanam Song from film #EeMayaPeremito It's a #Navkar Maha Mantra for Jainism.

Kairav Shah‏ @kairavshah3

@ShreeLyricist plz remove namashkar Maha mantra from your song Arihantanam...its holy mantra of's harming the feeling of jains n should have to delete the don't know what is the meaning of these mantraa..I m requesting you to delete this... @ShreeLyricist you should have to delete these mantraa from your song otherwise you have to face biggest problem...don't use religious feeling for promoting your self..if you r not removing we will see you in court @IamDivyaVijay plz delete Arihantanam song from your's harming our feeling...if its not deleted you have to face problem of court

Ankesh jain‏ @Ankeshj31286492

Dear @ManiSharmaMusic Please remove Arihantanam song from ee Maya peremito #as Arihantanam is related to Arihanth Bhagwaan n using this word in song is not at all a good  respect to him. # so plz makes changes, tnq

Mahaveer Jain‏ @being_domy

@IamDivyaVijay pls respect the maha mantra of jain religion u used in song arihantanam please dont hurt anyone's religious feelings and that to in romantic songs .....

Praveenjain.d‏ @premjaind

@IamDivyaVijay @VSCreativeWorks @MangoMusicLabel  sir the song arihantanam is sacred song of jainism.  If u dont know please go n see to it. @ippatel Sir we r jains n now under minority religion can we file a compaint against these ppl as they used our jain sacred song in their movie n that to as a romantic song. Please  help Hurting once sentiment is ur creativity.

Mehul‏ @Mehul__Shah

#EeMayaPeremitoFromSep21  @VSCreativeWorks @kayvaThapar @ActorRahulVijay @ShreeLyricist  Please stop/delete #Arihantanam Song. It's a #Navkar Maha Mantra for #Jainism.