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Cheddar and creamy cheese can trigger the risk of breast cancer, while yogurt curbs it.Reuters

A Chinese study reveals that consuming cheese actually lowers your chances of heart attack. This study was carried out by Soochow University and it was produced after examining 15 studies on cheese and heart risk.

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Though cheese is generally considered to be bad for heart health, the research states that consuming it daily can help in reducing our chances of developing heart ailments.

Eating matchbox-sized piece of cheese which weighs around one-and-a-half ounce or 40 grams can help in cutting the risk of heart diseases by 14 percent.

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The researchers found that this amount of cheese brings down the chances of getting heart stroke by 10 percent.

The researchers were curious to understand a baffling phenomenon called "French paradox", in which French people following diets which are rich in saturated fats and cholesterol tend to have lower rates of heart ailments.

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The researchers also shed light on the fact that cheese depletes the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

"Although cheese contains high levels of saturated fat – linked to bad heart health – the calcium in the food means less of that fat is absorbed by the body, it was discovered," a Daily Mail report revealed.

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It has also been found that cheese contains an acid which helps in averting clogging of arteries.

"Cheese contains saturated fatty acids but also has potentially beneficial nutrients. It's unclear how long-term consumption affects the development of cardiovascular disease," the authors of the latest study stated in an article in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Another study carried out by British researchers earlier this year revealed that around a million people consuming regular cheese observed no spike in the risk of heart diseases or strokes.