Adamant Christian believers have long been claiming that human beings are currently going through the end times. According to these believers, humanity is now going through a tribulation period, and it will finally end in the second coming of Christ. And now, a Bible scholar has predicted that the second coming of Jesus Christ will be marked by a massive comet hitting Earth. 

What apocalypse will look like? 

David S. Heeren, who has written 17 popular books sold at high street stores, made his prediction about the apocalypse in an interview with Daily Star. 

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"I believe the evidence of the comet being the sign of Jesus' return is just overwhelming. That's why my book is so long: there's just so many different evidence points in the Bible to go through showing that this will happen. And Nasa has said there's nothing we can do about comets. They know what they can do about an asteroid, but comets are so deadly there's nothing they can do," said Heeren, Daily Star reports.

Hereen also made it clear that there will be years of tribulation before the second coming of Christ. However, he revealed that Christians need not worry about the cosmic chaos, as God loves them. 

A devastating comet hit within 10 years? 

During the interaction with Daily Star, Heeren claimed that this devastating comet hit could happen within 10 to 15 years. The Bible scholar made this prediction after analyzing many of the most dramatic incidents in the Old Testament which include The Flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Great Plagues of Egypt.

"I think it will be the 2,000-year comet which evidence indicates was present when a terrified Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden, around 4,000 B.C," said Heeren. 

A few months back, popular televangelist Paul Begley had also claimed that the clock has started ticking for humanity. He also added that the Taliban, along with China is working for the Antichrist who is trying to establish the kingdom of evil on planet earth.