Dyson Airstrait launching in India next week
Dyson Airstrait launches in IndiaDyson

Dyson has finally launched the Airstrait hair straightener in India, bringing a new hair styling device that straightens hair from wet to dry using air, without the need for hot plates to put an end to heat damage.

Dyson Airstrait is priced at Rs 45,900, and it is available in Prussian Blue/Rich Copper and Bright Nickel/Rich Copper hues. It can be purchased at Dyson demo stores, online at dyson.in, or through the Mydyson App.

Dyson Airstrait uses

The Airstrait straightener is designed for various hair types, allowing users to achieve a natural straight style while maintaining hair strength and health. The device has two arms that contain the hair tress just like a regular straightener, but it comes with high-pressure air blades angled downward to dry and straighten hair simultaneously.

The straightener uses precision air jets along its arms, creating high-velocity downward blades of air that converge to form a focused jet. This directional airflow aligns hair strands for a smooth, shiny finish.

Dyson Airstrait explained: Technology behind disruptive innovation
Dyson Airstrait explainedDyson

"Having a strong understanding of how to manipulate and realise the potential of powerful airflow is fundamental to the performance of the Dyson Airstrait straightener. This expertise, which we've gained over the last 25 years, is what has enabled us to deliver our first wet to dry straightener, with no hot plates, and no heat damage. Delivering the ease-of-use that people love about straighteners but with high-velocity air blades, saves time, maintains hair strength and achieves an everyday natural straight style." James Dyson, founder and chief engineer at Dyson, said in a statement.

The Airstrait straightener operates by breaking and resetting hydrogen bonds in hair, which can be done with heat or moisture. By using controlled airflow and optimal heat levels, the device aims to style hair with less damage, creating straight styles with volume and movement.

The device is powered by the Dyson Hyperdymium motor, which generates the airflow needed to dry and straighten hair simultaneously. The motor's 13-blade impeller spins up to 106,000 rpm, propelling over 11.9 liters of air per second and generating up to 3.5 kPa of air pressure.

The device also features intelligent heat control, with glass bead thermistors measuring airflow temperature up to 16 times per second to prevent heat damage and protect hair's natural shine. The data is sent to a microprocessor that regulates the heating element, ensuring the airflow temperature remains optimal.

The Airstrait straightener offers two styling modes: 'Wet' and 'Dry,' along with a 'Cool' mode to set the style. Users can choose from various heat settings in each mode and control airflow speed.