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Apart from heading a country, the US President Barack Obama has unintentionally become a star singer for a different version of musician Mark Ronson's popular single "Uptown Funk".

Popular YouTube channel 'Barackdubs' released the dubstep video on Tuesday, 27 January, which has been mixed together with the US President's different speeches, making it appear like the US president is in fact singing the lyrics of the popular song. The video had more than 1 million views at the time of reporting. 

The original version by Ronson has so far received more than 151 million views on YouTube. 

Watch the viral video below:

Meanwhile, #Obamasinging was a hot topic on Twitter with many appreciating the efforts of the team in creating such an impressive video.

DJ Blair Kami

All I do is Win win win No matter,When I step in The Building,Everybody Hands Go Up..And They Stay There and They Stay there...#ObamaSinging

Adrian Jacobs

#Obamasinging the prez should cut a single or album and quit teasing us with his singing...best presidential legacy ever!

Full Force

We want to record the President singing. Help us get his attention by retweeting this #Obama has a great voice! #ObamaSinging

Watch the original "Uptown Funk" video below: