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Director Bellam Ramakrishna Reddy's Telugu movie "Drishya Kavyam" (also spelled as "Drusyakavyam") starring Ram Karthik, Kashmira Kulkarni and Madhu has got mixed reviews and poor ratings from critics.

"Drishya Kavyam" is a horror drama film written by Bellam Ramakrishna Reddy. The story is about Akhil (Ram Karthik) and Abhinaya (Kashmira Kulkarni), a happily married couple who have a daughter named Ananya. Even after he dies in a car accident, Akhil continues to communicate with his family through phone. The rest of the movie is all about the mysterious phone calls.

Critics say "Drishya Kavyam" has a thin storyline. The emotional scenes between the father and daughter keep the audience engaged in the first half. The story gains momentum after the interval and there are some well-executed scenes that impress the viewers in the second half of the movie.

Actors Ram Karthik, Kashmira, Madhu and child artiste Ananya have done brilliant jobs and their performances are the highlights of "Drishya Kavyam." Pranam Kamalakar's background score is one of the assets of the film. His songs are also good, but a couple of them act like speed-breakers. Santosh's cinematography is another highlight of the film, the critics opine.

The lack of horror elements, illogical scenes and an abrupt climax are the drawbacks of the movie, which has been rated 1.5 out of 5 stars by the critics. We bring you some critics' review and ratings for the film. Continue to see them in the "Drishya Kavyam" movie review round-up:

123Telugu Ratings: 2.5

Drusyakavyam is an interesting blend of horror and family drama. However, the film fails due to lack of a riveting horror elements, incoherent story and screenplay. Illogical scenes and an abrupt climax leave the audience dissatisfied in the end. Horror film lovers can try this film out but the rest can pick something else this weekend.

AP Herald Ratings: 0.5

I tried to be optimistic about Drishya Kavyam. Yeah, its opening in the dumping ground of mid-march; but maybe that's just because a supernatural film about a happily family. After about 10 minutes into the film, my optimism was crushed as the hopes of anyone who takes friends to this low budget supernatural film will be. Unless they're hoping to be bored foolishly for 133 minutes.