Seven years after Drishya, a sequel to the blockbuster movie with more or less the same cast has hit the screens on Friday, December 10. It is a thriller flick in which Ravichandran plays the lead role.

Following the success of the Malayalam movie Drishyam, it was remade in several languages including Kannada. Like among the Mollywood cine-goers, the Kannada audience too had well-received the flick in 2014.

Ravichandran in Drishya
Ravichandran in Drishya.PR Handout

Earlier this year in February, the blockbuster Malayalam flick got its sequel and was directly released on Amazon Prime due to unfavourable conditions for theatrical release due to Covid-19.

The same movie has now been remade in Kannada. P Vasu has helmed the project and Navya Nair plays the female lead.

The Flashback
In the first instalment, Rajendra Ponappa (Ravichandran)'s wife Seetha (Navya Nair) and elder daughter Sindhu (Aarohi Narayan) accidentally kill Tarun, son of IG Roopa Chandrashekar (Asha Sarath). They hide his body in a compost pit, which is witnessed by younger daughter Shreya. The story was all about how Ponappa saves his family members from going to jail.

Drishya 2 Story & Review
Rajendra Ponappa had managed to escape due to a lack of evidence. He had dumped the body in the newly-constructed police station. However, the cops managed to discover it in the sequel. Will he outsmart the cops again? You need to watch the movie to find it out.

Ravichandran's Drishya
Ravichandran's Drishya.PR Handout

Ponappa, a cable operator in the first instalment, is now a theatre owner and also in talks to produce a film. Roopa Chandrashekhar had quit the job but still wants to find out the truth about her son. Many cops have come and gone but the mystery around the case remained unsolved.

The first half of Drishya runs at a slow pace and the writer has taken time to build the story. The actually thrilling ride begins in the second half.

Ravichandran has retained the same charm that he had seven years ago. His performance is flawless and Navya Nair is equally good. Aarohi has got a lot of opportunity compared to the first part to show her acting skills. Sadhu Kokila too got more scenes this time.

On the flip side, the movie is not very engaging in the first half although the run time is lesser in Kannada compared to the original Malayalam version.

Verdict: Drishya too is a fairly engaging and enjoyable entertainer if you have not watched it in Malayalam or Telugu.