Yogi Adityanath oversees prep for Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan

The entire purpose is defeated when a special force tasked with security and protection in fact instills apprehension and fear. At the fag end of the Sunday, the Yogi Adityanath Government issued a notification for the formation of the Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force (UPSSF) that will obviously carry special powers. The UPSSF will not require warrants for conducting any search or even for making arrests as long as it is, "sure of the crime."

The CM Adityanath had mentioned the formation of the force earlier in the year, which had already got the approval of the state cabinet. Now following the nod from the DGP of the state, the force is that many steps closer to being operational.

"A member of the force may arrest a person without any order of a magistrate and without any warrant (the manner of the powers exercised under this section shall be government by the rules prescribed in this behalf)." the UP govt said. 

Draconian law in UP?

Yogi Adityanath
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi AdityanathIANS

Who is not acquainted with the crazy stuff coming from the heartland of India, UP? Little snippets right from a man being challaned for not wearing a helmet in a car to a drunk groom doing the snake dance and refused by the bride, hardly come intact with shock value. The Twitter users were quick to comment, how this has taken the amusement out of insanity and replaced that with fear instead.

The UPSSF, in the meanwhile, will be deployed at key points like metros, railways, airports, religious places, banks and all other government buildings and public places of importance. It is said that private firms can also hire the services of the force. In the first phase, five battalions will be constituted which will be headed by ADG ranked officer.

"In all there will be 9919 personnel in the force. Expenses incurred in the first phase will be around Rs 1747 crore," Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Awanish Awasthi informed the reporters.

The tweet comes at a time when the dust over journalist Prashant Kanojia's arrest is yet to settle down and amidst growing ruckus over UP police having arrested the majority of innocent people from minority communities for their involvement in the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act.

"How can pass such a draconian law. Can't this be challenged?" asked on user on Twitter. How is not the question, but in fact why and one with a scary answer?