Dr. Rohit Jaiswal

Awards can have varying significance for different entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses. The majority commend a specific aspect of an individual's efforts, while the highest honors are reserved for established, prestigious figures in the industry. But Dr. Rohit Jaiswal, who launched Atelier Plastic Surgery in July 2021, has recently received an award for overall accomplishment in his sector.

Jaiswal is the Head Plastic Surgeon at Atelier, following long training periods at institutions including the University of California, Berkeley, and Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California. He moved to his current state to receive additional advanced training at the University of Nevada and committed to the area long-term by setting up Atelier in the state's capital, Las Vegas.

Today, he has announced his clinic has received a Gold Medal for Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice. The commendation is a part of the Las Vegas Review Journal's Best of Las Vegas award. Gold is the highest honor offered by the publication.

"I'm delighted to have received this recognition for my cosmetic surgery practice," he said. "Along with achieving Top Doctor status in Las Vegas and being inducted into the Real Self 500 Hall of Fame, I feel I am making an impact in the aesthetic surgery space. My team and I always highlight patient safety, satisfaction, and experience as part of our practice ethos."

The award is noteworthy due to cosmetic surgery's recent rise in prominence in the city. Previously, little distinction was made between the areas of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in communities. But, over the past few years, patients have been able to be more selective with procedures as new technologies and techniques have opened up to professionals.

"There is notable competition from other cosmetic surgery clinics looking to succeed," he said. "To distinguish ourselves from the competition, we plan to be patient and
selective with our clientele. We believe that will enable us to have more sustainable growth."

As cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity and cultural barriers are broken down, one of the most significant talking points in the space is the discrepancy in the training of many practitioners. He has spent years in the education system training specifically to practice aesthetically. But physicians with often inadequate training and opportunistic entrepreneurs are gaining an increasing market share. Professionals argue suboptimal outcomes could turn potential patients away from cosmetic surgery.

The Gold Medal may be viewed as a success for dedicated surgeons like Jaiswal.