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Doomsday theorist David Meade is back with another claim. After predicting that the planet Nibiru will destroy Earth, the Christian numerologist now claims that flooding like that of Noah's Ark will bring an end and only believers will survive.

Meade said the signs began early when Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. Writing for Planet X News, Meade mentioned that Hitler closed the churches when he rose to power and that marked the beginning.

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"True 'men of God' in Germany were imprisoned or executed. Jesus stated there would be a repeat of the 'days of Noah' at the end of the Church Age. Today we have a repeat of this whole process. Good versus evil. God versus Satan. But it's the end times, folks, and this is the final playbook. Now shortly before the days of Noah Enoch lived. The Bible says he "walked with God" and then he was 'not found'," Meade said.

"What happened to Brother Enoch? Is this a foreshadowing of the protection of the true Church shortly?"

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He believes that this time also believers will escape on a giant vessel, which will be similar to Noah's Ark. Noah's Ark is a giant Biblical vessel, which Christians believe housed two of every animal during the massive flood, that was first mentioned in in the Genesis flood narrative.

This is not the first time that Meade has made such claims. Earlier, he had predicted that Nibiru will collide with Earth on September 23, 2017, and destroy the planet.

Later, he claimed that the spiritual sign, which he had predicted, appeared in the sky on the night of Saturday, September 23. He said the event marked the beginning of the seven-year "Tribulation period."

"It was indeed in the sky Saturday night. We could see it from our location. It indicates that this Autumn the Church Age could be ending, and we are in a new era of Bible Prophecy. I think it's the harbinger of a seven-year Tribulation period, beginning before the end of 2017," Meade told The Sun in September.