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After much debate, the Karnataka CM Yeddiyurappa addressed the state via a Facebook live session on Tuesday, July 21 at 5 PM. Talking about what is necessary for the state, and what are the focus areas during the fight against the deadly Coronavirus.

The CM spoke about the importance of the '5 Ts' approach, the need for caution and about the stringent response from the government on violations.

The CM discusses what has been done about COVID-19 in Karnataka

Karnataka CM Yeddiyurappa calls for firmer action against violations and says, "Don't talk about the lockdown and instead follow rules like wearing the mask." He took note of the current situation and has said that the state is working hard to contain the pandemic. 

He also called for suggestions to combat the lockdown and spoke about opposition's claims of corruption amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

5T strategy- Trace, Track, Test, Treat and Technology

During the conversation, the CM began by talking about the 5T strategy- Trace, Track, Test, Treat and Technology. He also blamed the inflow of inter-state travellers for the increase in cases:

People who came from Maharastra and Tamil Nadu added to the COVID-19 cases in Karnataka. Experts have suggested a 5T strategy - Trace, Track, Test, Treat and Technology.

The CM spoke about the need for intervention and that he's been talking to the administration in different district administrators saying:

Don't talk about the lockdown, instead wear masks and adhere to rules.

Going further he addressed the claims by the opposition and the complaints of corruption saying that the government is willing to hear all the concerns and criticisms that the oppositions has and all those answerable will provide the required information.

Moreover, he invited suggestions from the opposition and to put aside differences to fight the situation. He further dismissed claims of another lockdown:

Tomorrow onwards, there will be no lockdown in Bengaluru.

He further added that the economic welfare and the current situation of the state's economy require equal importance as an issue. From here on, there will be no lockdown in other districts as well. He said there will be a lockdown only in containment zones. 

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