sex while driving result in accidents
Sex while driving result in accidentsCreative Commons/kaysha

While, sexual activity may seem like a fun distraction during long, boring drives, a study shows that the ostensibly harmless pastime has resulted in the death of many people.

According to a paper co-authored by Cindy Struckman-Johnson, University of South Dakota professor, 33 % male and 9 % female students of the university have engaged in some sort of sexual activity while driving, reports Metro. A third of those who admitted to their sexual adventures on the road admitted to speeding, while over a third said they drifted from the lane they were in.

Eleven percent said that they let go of the steering wheel at some point. No one admitted to being in an accident while driving and engaging in a sexual activity simultaneously.

However, Professor Struckman-Johnson is of the opinion that while these students may not think much of the "jolly rides on road", many people are getting killed due to the negligence of drivers. 'There are people getting killed out there because they're having sex while driving, either with themselves or with another person". She adds, "If they're getting killed, we have an obligation to understand it".

Some time ago, a campaign titled "Don't jerk and drive" was launched by the Department of Public Safety in North Dakota. It had to be pulled off later as the innuendo offended many people. Professor Struckman-Johnson mailed her paper to a local news outlet in response to the campaign.

While the campaign was merely using wordplay to propagate a message on road safety, Struckman-Johnson said that having sex while driving poses a serious threat that has to be addressed.