Craig Hamilton-Parker is a self-proclaimed psychic from the United Kingdom, and he is fondly called modern-day Nostradamus by his followers. Followers of Hamilton-Parker strongly believe that he had predicted the coronavirus pandemic in 2017, as he allegedly foresaw the rise of deadly flu in 2020.

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And now, the self-styled psychic has shared his predictions for 2021, and the most noted one includes Donald Trump's rising political power. 

Donald Trump to gain more popularity than Joe Biden

Even though Donald Trump lost the US presidential elections to Joe Biden, Hamilton-Parker believes that Trump could gain more popularity in the coming months, as the Republicans would expose some electoral frauds that happened in the country. However, the psychic made it clear that this evidence will not be capable enough to swing the election results. 

"Trump will put up a ferocious battle. He will take things to the high court but will not succeed. Cheating is revealed but not enough evidence to call for a new election. The challenges will continue in 2021. Trump TV will be launched and will quickly become popular. A deal will be done with Fox TV to screen Trump TV shows. He will become a more powerful voice than President Biden and will still wield power through the media," Hamilton-Parker told

A probable war between Israel and Iran

Another prediction of Hamilton-Parker for 2021 is a possible war between Israel and Iran. It should be noted that a top Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated last year, and all the fingers were pointed at Iran. The psychic believes that tensions between Iran and Israel will be elevated in 2021, and it could result in a dreaded war between these countries. 

"One of the most dangerous conflicts in 2021 will be between Israel and Iran. The USA will stop sanctions to try to re-establish diplomacy. This will be disastrous for the moderate Iranian's who will protest on the streets," added Hamilton-Parker. 

According to Hamilton-Parker, Israel, with the help of Saudi Arabia could attack nuclear facilities in Iran. He also predicted the fall of the European Union in 2021.