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A 16-year-old domestic help from Jharkhand was reportedly killed and her body chopped up in to 12 pieces for demanding salary [Representational Image]Creative commons

In yet another gut-wrenching incident in the Indian capital, a 16-year-old domestic help from Jharkhand was reportedly killed and her body chopped up into 12 pieces for demanding salary. The girl was brought to Delhi from Jharkhand by a few men and was employed at a house in East of Kailash.

The girl's body was found in a drain in outer Delhi May 4, and the police have now arrested one of the killers, identified as Manjeet Karketa, who was a part of the group that brought her to Delhi. Others are said to be absconding.

The teen was from a village near Ranchi and was working as a domestic help in a house for a monthly salary of Rs 6,000. However, she never received any sum in hand as it was all taken away by the group. While she kept quiet for about three years, she had of late started demanding the money as she wanted to go home.

"Manjeet disclosed that he, along with his accomplices, brought the victim, Soni Kumari, to Delhi three years ago. They found her employment at a house in East of Kailash," Additional DCP (outer) Rajender Singh Sagar told The Indian Express.

Detailing the incident and how the teen had been brutally murdered, Sagar added: "Manjeet then took her to his home in Nangloi and tried to pacify her. When his efforts failed, he, along with Shalu (31) and Gauri (36), strangled the girl on May 3. They then chopped up the body, put the pieces in plastic bags and dumped them in a drain nearby. We had to join the head with the torso to identify the girl."

The police are then said to have taken a photo of the body and visited almost 200 homes in hopes that someone would identify the body.

"One of them said he had spotted the girl in a house in Bhooton Wali Gali. The team went to the house but found it locked... Manjeet was finally nabbed on May 17 when he visited his residence," Sagar revealed.

Karketa was then interrogated during which it would found out that he, Shalu and Gauri would often bring girls from poor families to Delhi and get them employed as household helps. However, when the employer would pay the salary, the amount would go to Karketa, who then split it with the other two women.

The police will now also contact the employer for further investigation.