UFO Brazil
YouTube Screenshot: UFOMania

A local resident in Brazil has apparently caught the visuals of a saucer-shaped UFO flying across the skies, and it has left alien enthusiasts and extraterrestrial researchers puzzled. The video shows a bizarre object very similar to that of the extraterrestrial crafts which we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi flicks.

The video of the eerie incident gained popularity after conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania' shared it on YouTube. As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists strongly alleged that aliens used to visit earth frequently to monitor the activities of human beings.

The astonishing admission of Paul Velez

In the meantime, viewers of the YouTube channel also put forward various theories explaining the bizarre sky event.

After seeing the video, a YouTube user named Paul Velez shockingly claimed that the flying object in the video is very similar to that of the one he saw in his life. However, Velez did not talk about the place in which he had the UFO encounter.

"Finally I see video with the same ship that I also saw. I saw it super close because a man walked up to my truck in a parking lot to ask me what it was. It started moving away. It was awesome to tell you the truth. It's the exact same one too. Cool," commented Paul Velez.

However, a section of conspiracy theorists ruled out the alien angle and made it clear that the eerie object in the skies might be a hologram projected as a part of 'Project Blue Beam'. As per these theorists, the elites with the help of the 'New World Order' is projecting various shapes in the skies to stage a false alien invasion.

Recent UFO sightings

A few days back, a UFO researcher spotted an alleged UFO in Argentina with the help of Google Earth. The alleged spaceship was found above the skies of Argentinian province of Neuquen. and the weird cylindrical shaped object appeared to be floating in the air above a truck driving through the main road.

The bizarre object was captured by a woman named Sandra Elena Andrade and after the discovery, she adamantly claimed that alien existence is a reality. As the video went viral, many conspiracy theorists urged the government authorities to reveal the real facts surrounding aliens and UFOs.