Enjoy the Diwali sweets without the fear of wrecking your dental health.Reuters

Indian festivities are popular not just for the celebrations and mythology behind them but also for the wide varieties of food items and beverages we get to relish. In the midst of savouring the sweets and other delicacies, we tend to forget about our oral health. It is not possible to prevent sweets and desserts all the time, especially when its Diwali! A simple change in the trend of having sweets can help us in keeping cavities and other oral problems at bay.

We have always followed the ritual of having sweets and desserts in the end after finishing the starters followed by the main course; tweaking this habit a bit can help you in maintaining your dental health to a great extent. From now on, get into the habit of having sweets and desserts first followed by the rest of the meal. Yes, you read it right! There is a simple logic behind doing so which has been explained by Dr Srivats Bharadwaj, founder and CEO of Vatsalya Centre for Oral Health.

"Sweets don't cause tooth decay, they are sticky and that leads to the tooth caries. At times, even rinsing the mouth is not sufficient to get rid of the sugary remains in the mouth," Dr Bharadwaj told IBTimes India exclusively.

"Eating sweets and desserts prior to having the main meal would help in reducing the risk of the sweets staying stuck to the teeth, which cause cavities," Dr Bhardwaj explained.

All those who fear the risk of wrecking the dental health can now treat themselves with the sweetmeats this Diwali before having the main course. Also, consider brushing and flossing before hitting the bed as a MUST during the festive season.