Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, Divyanka's brother who happens to be a pilot is in self-quarantine due to international travel. However, looking at the hullabaloo created around it, Divyanka is surprised at how easily our society gets mislead due to lack of information and neglects the hard work which flight crew, pilots, etc have put in these difficult times.

Speaking about her brother Divyanka says, "My brother told me that he was flying the craft in and out of India which was cleared by the Ministry of Civil Aviation like any other flight crew. His last international flight was about 13 days ago and he shows no symptoms of Corona and has been reporting everyday to authorized govt doctors for the same. All aviation crew who have done international fights in recent past have gone under self quarantine but it does not mean that they are positive. It's just a safety measure."

Vivek Dahiya and wife Divyanka Tripathi
Vivek Dahiya and wife Divyanka Tripathiinstagram

As per the announcement on the 24th of March by PM Narendra Modi, the entire nation is under lockdown and in quarantine mode. As a safety measure, a sticker has been put up outside Divyanka's Bhopal home yesterday which may be misleading for others.

Divyanka's brother in self-isolation

"My brother willingly went into self-quarantine as it's his duty as a citizen. What's devastating is that a couple of days ago these labels were put up outside our Bhopal house (when his self Quarantine period was almost over) with no indication that the person mentioned is 'Not a COVID-19 patient'. Few days back, govt medical officers even visited my home (which should have been a regular follow up) but they met our house help and created a hue and cry that my brother has Corona which was completely false! Such incidents have created a stir and raised eyebrows! It's rather stigmatizing! We completely appreciate the efforts being made to make our nation CORONA -FREE. But officials have to remember that we are respectable people living in a society and others have to be careful not falling prey to half information."

Divyanka further said, "We have clapped for all the doctors and medical personnel working during these difficult times but why do we not applaud for the flight crew that rescued our citizens from various parts of the world. They kept providing us essential services knowing the risk. We were worried about my brother traveling, so were thousands of families for their sons and daughters in aviation. Yet they performed their duty. To add to the hypocrisy, India clapped for the medical staff but is boycotting them too on ground level within building societies and ill treating the aviation staff as well."

Divyanka sure makes a valid point and we hope that our world is able to battle the virus instead of each other through ostracism during this time!