Stray Dogs in Lebanon
Screenshot of stray dogs poisoned in Lebanon.Facebook

Warning: This article contains graphic content.

Abuse against stray dogs doesn't seem to stop. A horrific video has surfaced online showing dogs in Lebanon in agony and foaming at the mouth after Lebanon pest control workers feed them poisoned meat.

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Reported by the Daily Mail, the video is said to be taken from Ghobeiri district of Beirut in Lebanon. The video not only shows the twitching animals lying on the road but also shows a man hauling the hapless dogs and throwing them into the back of a truck.

If that wasn't heartbreaking enough, the video also shows other strays, who appear not be poisoned, trying to comfort the dying dogs.

The clip was shared by a campaign group in Lebanon called Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA). A spokesperson from the organisation issued a statement expressing dismay at the incident.

"This sickening level of abuse, torture, suffering and complete disregard for life and law is absolutely shocking. They had not even died before they were thrown into the back of a municipal vehicle. All of this suffering did not bring any benefit to people or animals. In fact, it harms national efforts to manage homeless dogs," BETA spokesperson said.

Shockingly, district authorities have admitted to luring the animals with poisoned meat and killing them. The authorities claimed the dogs were "aggressive" and "noisy" and had to be put down, An-Nahar, a Lebanese newspaper, reported.

Animals Lebanon Executive Director Jason Mier told An-Nahar that the municipal employee responsible for poisoning the dogs has been was arrested. However it remains unclear if he was detained for acting without the municipal council's approval or for violating animal welfare laws.

Mier also told the news organisation that a delegation from Animals Lebanon is scheduled to meet the Minister of Interior next week to discuss the issue.