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 Disney Junior has introduced its viewers to an interracial lesbian couple on one of their shows. The storyline of the first episode was simple and was mainly focused on the family learning the importance of being prepared for emergencies. The show features two moms and their kids. The moms are voiced by Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi who are both proud lesbians and are quite open about it.

When Sykes was asked about the show, she told Disney Animation News, "With this episode [my kids] see a family that looks like our family," she said. "We're two moms. We have a boy and girl, two kids. It's going to be very exciting for them to see that – to see our family represented.

Here's how people reacted:

However, an American Family Association known as One Million Moms officials blasted Disney for featuring a family with two-mom on Doc McStuffins just for "pushing an agenda". They further wrote, "Controversial topics and lifestyle choices should be left up to the parents to discuss and Disney Junior should not introduce this to young children."

They also added saying, "Just because an issue may be legal or because some are choosing a lifestyle doesn't make it morally correct."

Though people reacted to it tweeting #StandWithDoc