It might have been more than two years, but the mysterious death of Disha Salian still gives us goosebumps. The talented media personality died due to accidentally falling off her 12th floor Malad building.

Her death gave rise to a lot of speculations and theories; many even slandering the departed soul. But now that the police has ruled out any foul play, Disha's fiancé, Rohan Rai has come out to talk about the unfortunate night.

Disha Salian
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In an interview, Rohan has revealed that Disha was going through a rough patch since two of her deals had fallen through. Model-actor Rohan has revealed that Disha was an extremely sensitive person. He revealed that she was even triggered by the news of the elephant who died due to eating pineapples laced with crackers.

Disha Salian
Disha SalianSocial media

What happened that night

Rohan revealed that it was June 4, that they went back to their apartment thinking that a change of environment would help her. He revealed that they were joined by their friends and they continued drinking for the next 2-3 days.

He also added that Salian had mixed her drinks and it left her in a bad state. On that unfortunate night, Disha was talking to her friend from London and when Rohan took the phone from her to talk to the friend, she went to the master bedroom.

Disha Salian
Disha Salian.Disha Salian Facebook Page

The sudden turn of events

"A few minutes later, I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Since the door wasn't locked, I opened it and saw some alcohol spilled over the bed. I assumed that she was changing her clothes in the bathroom and went back. A few minutes later, a friend and I knocked again. On getting no answer, I rushed into the bathroom but she wasn't there. We searched the entire flat and started getting worried. We once again went inside the master bedroom and started checking the wardrobes as well. By this time, all of us were in a state of panic," he told ETimes.

Sushant and Disha Salian
Sushant and Disha Salian.Facebook/Instagram

Rai further added, "That's when I noticed that the window in the master bedroom was open. When I looked down from there, I first recognised her pyjamas on the ground. I was zapped and asked my friend, ' Kya hai yeh?' I went into denial and started slapping myself. It felt like a bad dream. Then I stood on the parapet thinking that I would also jump."

Disha and Rohan were in a relationship for over seven years before fate tore them apart. Disha passed away in June 2020 and in order to safeguard their sanity and mental state from the hounding eyes, Rohan went back to the hometown with his and Disha's family.