alien mummy, alien, Nazca, Peru, discovered,
YouTube screenshot / Gaia

An alien mummy has been discovered in Peru's Nazca, Mexican UFOlogist Jaime Maussan has revealed. Maussan said that this alien mummy was found near Nazca Lines in southern Peru.

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alien mummy, alien, Nazca, Peru, discovered,
YouTube screenshot / Gaia

Nazca is considered as the most mysterious archaeological site. According to Maussan, this strange alien mummy has features similar to that of reptiles than humans. It is reported to be 1,700 years old.

The mummy was a three-fingered humanoid, which points toward it being a non-human creature.

This finding is said to be one of the most important of the 21st century, but it is others believe it is real but believed to be a hoax by some experts, as per a report by Inquisitr.

According to ancient alien believers, conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters, this mummy is an extra terrestrial creature that visited Earth hundreds of years ago.

Historians stated that this "reptilian alien mummy" to be some kind of work of art linked to some religious tradition.

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Nigel Watson, a British UFO researcher, rubbished the claims of the alien body to be real. According to him, they are "110 percent fake," Inquisitr reported.

Watson accused Maussan of coming up with questionable findings regarding the existence of extra terrestrial life in the past and also said that this is a money-making stunt by him.

Also, the World Congress of Mummy Studies also claimed this finding to be fake.

Check out the report on the unearthing of the alien mummy here:

YouTube/ Gaia