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Actor Dileep arrested: Check celeb reactions.Dileep/Facebook

The sensational abduction and sexual assault case of a South Indian actress has taken a new turn with the arrest of actor Dileep on July 10 for his alleged involvement in the planning of the attack. The actor, who was presented before the magistrate early morning on Tuesday, has been remanded to judicial custody for 14 days.

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With the latest news, many celebrities, politicians and netizens have been vocal on social media. Actresses Rima Kallingal, Mamta Mohandas and Parvathy have expressed their happiness with the latest development in the case. "This day. Overwhelmed with sadness that this happened. But proud of our fellow warrior for showing us by example what being unbreakable is like! For her. From hers [sic]," Parvathy wrote on her social media page. Rima has claimed that she and her newly formed association Women in Cinema Collective will stand by the assault survivor till the end.

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"Justice finally arrives in the guise of God's intervention," commented actress Ranjini, who has also requested the court to grant maximum sentences to the perpetrators without any favours.

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Meanwhile, Roopesh Peethambaran of Oru Mexican Aparatha fame requests people to wait for the court's final verdict rather than jump to conclusions about Dileep's involvement in the crime. He also appreciated the Kerala Police for pursuing the case, and extended his support to the actress, who was assaulted by main accused Pulsar Suni and gang in a moving car near Athani in Angamaly on February 17.

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During the emergency AMMA board meeting on Tuesday, executive members Mammootty, Mohanlal, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Asif Ali, Ramya Nambeesan, Kalabhavan Shajon and Idavela Babu unanimously decided to expel Dileep from the association set up for the welfare of actors in Mollywood. During an interaction with the press, Prithviraj and Ramya stated that the decision was made in just 10 minutes.

Young actor Asif Ali, a close friend of the assualt survivor, and film director Joy Mathew said that they would not associate with Dileep in future. 

Check out here on how celebs have reacted to Dileep's arrest news:

Roopesh Peethambaran

Instead of jumping to any conclusion, I strongly feel that we should be patient and wait for a final verdict from the honorable court. Kudos to the police department of Kerala and the media for following up the case in a proactive manner! My heart goes out to the victim, justice will be served.

Rima Kallingal

Will stand by her till the end.


This day. Overwhelmed with sadness that this happened. But proud of our fellow warrior for showing us by example what being unbreakable is like! For her. From hers.

Joy Mathew, Joy Mathew facebook post
Joy Mathew reacts to Dileep's arrest


Mamtha Mohandas

Dear All...

Below is my 'actual comment' when asked on the unfortunate turn of events in our Malayalam film industry. I'm Not surprised by this but as expected I found some hoax YouTube channels claiming that I'm taking sides and/or against women groups in Kerala and I wish to clarify this myself.

I am just not into any groupies and don't have the time to actively invest in association activities while I'm minding my own life and schedules, due to which I'm not a part of any of them. Whichever part of the world I am in, I support ideas, thoughts and honest efforts to collectively change/make things better for women empowerment... and men alike.

Some of you who already know me well by now would clearly understand that my motto is to stand by humanity and I'm not gender-biased. Nature or God doesn't choose just one either and that's the reason we are gifted with rationale and intelligence. Please Use it well. We are not God to decide anything for anyone. Regardless of who, what, where and why, Justice should be served and the wrong should be rightfully punished. There are people assigned to do their jobs and I'm so happy to see how well Kerala police is making sincere efforts to get to the bottom of this.

And for some of them who 'assume' they know it all, I wish to add that I'm not speaking just for myself but also a few of my colleagues who were attacked by some of you for having the same opinion. We are not favoring anyone because we don't know the entire truth. And just like you, we are in a state of shock too. So please don't make odd disrespectful remarks for things we have not intended to say. Media has the power to turn matters to either save us from getting to the epicenter of this filth until actual verdict is out OR pour more fuel with new findings to add to the ongoing mounting sensationalism. Its a choice we need to make!

I am saddened and angered as well by the Havoc, confusions and divide due to lack of trust it's creating amongst colleagues and friends in the industry. Miserable! First learn to call 'A SPADE A SPADE' ..Don't read what's not written and don't listen to what's not spoken.Thnx



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