India is on a fast track towards getting a digitally-powered nation. With the second largest population in the country, there are a lot of people that will be online. With that level of digitalization, comes an even higher sense of responsibility.

While there are a lot of benefits of being digitally connected, the risks are just the same. Hackers are constantly prying for potential loopholes in the network to exploit users. If users do not take necessary measures to stay protected online, there are risks of identity theft, ransomware, virus attack and more.

To eliminate the risks, leading security firm Symantec has launched Norton Wi-Fi Privacy that ensures protection of consumers' information while using unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Be it a coffee shop or airport, open networks are the easiest way to connect to the internet when there's limited or no cellular coverage. Users are at higher risk of getting their information stolen, which can then be used by hackers to sell on the dark web for some extra bucks. It could even lead to draining bank accounts. The risks of open networks are higher than that of secured ones, so having the right kind of protection can go a long way.

"Consumers are often overly complacent when it comes to using public Wi-Fi networks, believing that nothing will happen to them," Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec, India, said in a statement "Norton Wi-Fi Privacy helps protect information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, and denies access to hackers who may be eavesdropping on the same network."

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy uses advanced encryption technology and scraps users' information to keep them safe online. It acts as a VPN to keep hackers at bay.

As per a 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights report, there is a significant lack of knowledge about public Wi-Fi and many users don't even know how to identify if a network is secure. According to the report, one in three Indians click on links from unknown senders and open malicious attachments.

Symantec's Norton Wi-Fi Privacy does all the heavy-lifting so users can safely browse the internet without worrying about falling prey to hackers. The annual subscription for Norton Wi-Fi Privacy starts at Rs. 2,999 for one device, Rs. 3,999 for 5 devices and Rs. 4,999 for up to 10. The security program works for all devices, ranging from Windows to Mac and Android to iOS.