Epsilon 3, UFO,
YouTube screenshot/ UFO Today

A rocket launch took place on January 18 in Japan and a mysterious UFO was spotted flying by the rocket very closely.

The Epsilon 3 rocket was launched from Japan's Kyushu Island at 6.06am local time, and it carried a £255million satellite which will monitor the Earth's atmosphere.

A video was posted on YouTube by conspiracy theory channel UFO Today in which the strange object can be seen flying by the Epsilon 3.

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The mysterious craft was flying at a speed of 25,000 mph as speculated by UFO Today. The channel claimed that aliens are keeping an eye on our space activities.

In the video uploaded, the UFO can be seen flying at the same altitude as the rocket after the latter fired its secondary boosters.

The UFO observed in the video shows three white lights along with a red flashing light as it flew near the rocket. Some say this makes it possible that the object could just be a plane.

But what makes that possibility unlikely is that a no-fly zone was in place while the rocket was being launched. "Many will say this is an aeroplane, but the area had a no fly zone at the time of the rocket launch," UFO Today stated in the promotional blurb.

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"The launch went perfectly, but during the launch a strange mysterious craft was filmed," the video further revealed, as quoted by Express. "This UFO was flying at the same altitude as the rocket. It was moving along with the rocket as it started it's orbit around earth. What was this object?" 

Many rubbished the claims about the craft being a UFO and said it was just a plane.

"It's got an FAA light blinking... so ...it's human made," a viewer commented on the video.

"That's an airplane, there's a blinking light on it and UFOs don't normally have blinking lights," said another viewer.

Scott Brando, who runs a hoax-busting website, also said that it was just a plane and produced a picture of the lights of a plane which shows a similar effect to back his claims. Only that it was an out of focus photo.


YouTube/UFO Today