Speculations are rife that Tom Cruise's mother, Mary Lee, has secretly passed away.

According to a National Enquirer report, Mary Lee was last seen in public in April when she attended Easter brunch at the Celebrity Centre of Scientology in Los Angeles.

Mary Lee moved from her son's Beverly Hills mansion to Belmont Village of Hollywood Heights last November, and sources have raised concerns about her wellbeing as her current whereabouts are unknown, Radar Online noted, citing National Enquirer.

Speculation that she could have passed away started swirling around after it was noted that her apartment in Belmont Village remains empty. However, no death certificate has been filed in California or in her previous home state of Florida.

Cruise spoke about his mother in a recent interview while promoting his new movie "Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation," where he said that Mary Lee wasn't a fan of the over-the-top stunt in the flim.

"The first time I showed her the plane stunt – I had cut footage and we went away for a weekend," Cruise told People. "I took it [with me] and she was like, 'Oh, Lordy. Oh, Lord, Tom, is that you? Oh, sweet Jesus! Oh, Lord Tom? Is that you?' "

Laughing, he added, "She knows it's me."

While Mary Lee's current whereabouts is still a mystery, it should also be noted that neither Cruise nor his mom showed up when Cruise's stepfather John Jack South passed away on 25 July, and according to a National Enquirer report, this could have something to do with Scientology.

Reportedly, a rift between Mary Lee and her ex-husband deepened when South refused to join Scientology. Following this, Cruise, his sisters Lee Anne, Marian and Cass cut off ties with friends and family who did not support their decision and ditched South in his final days, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.