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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

A mysterious spherical object which has apparently dropped on to Earth is being called as an alien satellite by UFOlogists.

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This bizarre spherical metallic object was found by Terry Matthew Betz, aged 21, on 26 March 1974 while he was examining a bush fire which occurred at his home in Fort George Island, Florida.

The ball appeared to be unaffected after the fire. The extraterrestrial satellite weighed 22 pounds and measured 8 inches in diameter and was still shining.

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Terry, his mother Gerri and father Antoine were astounded on seeing this unidentified object unscathed. They speculated that it was probably a piece of Russian Sputnik satellite, but their guess was found to be false after inspections were carried out.

The strange object was then taken home by the family. A couple of weeks later while Terry was playing his guitar in the same room where this metallic ball was placed, something weird happened. A strange throbbing noise was created by this ball which was so disturbing that the family's dog ran and hid under the table, Tyler Glockner, a UFO hunter revealed on his YouTube channel Secureteam10.

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According to Glockner's video, this alien object appeared to draw strange powers from the sun, where these strange powers would become more noticeable and active on bright sunny days.

"There must be high frequency waves from it. When we put our poodle beside the ball, she whimpers and puts her paws over her ears," Gerri Betz revealed in April 1974, according to Palm Beach Post report.

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The family felt as if this mysterious object was being controlled by something. When the ball was pushed it would act unbelievably, it avoided falling and even climbed up tilted table.

ufo, alien satellite,
YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

This ball was then examined by the US military. They found out that this mysterious object was made of very high grade steel. It was also examined using X-rays and it was revealed that there were three or four smaller spheres inside it.

"Our first X-ray attempts got us nowhere. We're going to use a more powerful machine on it and also run spectograph tests to determine what metal it's made of... There's certainly something odd about it," stated Chris Berninger, who was the Navy spokesman, CPO at that time.

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"Who could say what's on another planet, even speculations have been proven wrong. The Navy says what it isn't. They say it isn't an explosive. So we still want to know what it is" said Gerri, who still has the object.

The saga of this unidentified metallic sphere continues till date.


YouTube/ secureteam10