Haryana's Varsha Bumra is the winner of DID Super Moms. The phenomenal dancer has always spoken about the hardships that she faces as a daily wage worker working for the construction sites with her husband in Haryana.

Married at the tender age of 17, she said it was her husband's constant support and motivation that helped her give wings to her dreams.

DID Super Moms 3 winner
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Varsha's background

The fact that Varsha not only overcame a challenging background to reach this stage but was packed with unbeatable dancing prowess as well helped her lift the coveted trophy. Varsha has a five-year old son and she has revealed that her son is the happiest with the news.

"I am very happy. My entire family is very happy. We had never imagined in my life that I could achieve something like this in my life and would reach so far. My husband and my son are very happy. My son is over the moon because he had never seen the things that he saw here," she told TOI.

What she plans to do with the money

"Everything was new for us and the love and happiness we got here we had never got in our life. Everyone is so happy in my village, everyone is calling me non-stop and asking about my victory. They are telling me that I have made them, Haryana and my village's name famous and made them proud," Varsha further added.

DID Super Moms
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Further talking about what she would do with the winning amount, Varsha has said that she will invest the amount to fund her son's education and give him the life he deserves. She also expressed her wish of buying a home as they don't have a home yet.