Pawan Kalyan and George Reddy biopic poster
Pawan Kalyan and George Reddy biopic posterCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Power star Pawan Kalyan seems to have lost a golden opportunity by not doing 1970's revolutionary student leader George Reddy's biopic, which could have helped him popularise Jana Sena ideology.

George Reddy was a student leader, who founded the Progressive and Democratic Students Union (PDSU) which ruled the roost in the campus of Osmania University during the 1970s. He has worked for the welfare of the poor and fought against the discrimination, minority oppression and human rights at various stages in the university and society.

George Reddy was mainly influenced by the student revolt against the apartheid in South Africa, the Student upsurge in France, the Black Panthers movement in the US, and above all the Vietnamese people's struggle against US imperialism and the peasant uprisings in Naxalbari and Srikakulam. Hence, he was known as the Che Guevara of Hyderabad during those days.

Pawan Kalyan, who is the founder of Jana Sena Party, idealised guerrilla leader Che Guevara and he often spoke great things of latter during his political campaigns. Having made it big with acting, the power star entered politics, contested 2019 general election and failed badly. The biggest reason for his failure was that he could not convince the people about his ideology and agenda of his party.

A simple biopic on George Reddy could have helped Pawan Kalyan in gaining mileage in a short span of time. This biographical movie could have created him an image of a hero in real life too. In the past, some of his fans, who realized the above drawback, had requested him to do a film the student leader

Vik. @urstrulyvik (Jan 15)

jeena hai tho marna seekho kadam kadam par ladna sikho. George reddy story @PawanKalyan theste biggest biopic avtadi

Srinivas bodige @srinivasbodige (Jul 21)

@JanaSenaParty @PawanKalyan pavan sir please take the film of George reddy of ou student, please act as gearge reddy, thank you sir

Not many audience of present generation are aware of the story of student leader George Reddy. After watching the trailer of George Reddy, some of Pawan Kalyan expressed their regret on Twitter. They said that subject of the biopic is suitable for him and he should have done that movie much before the present one.

Rohit Venkatraman @RohitvNiranjan

#GeorgeReddy #GeorgeReddyTrailer - Apt material for #PawanKalyan if he had done this few years back.


George Reddy gari movie Pawan Kalyan garu tisinte oka range lo vundedi.... it will reach so many people. #GeorgeReddyTrailer

Sharath Sai @SharathsaiH

#GeorgeReddy team @PawanKalyan tho plan cheyyali aedhina pre rlz event lantidhi... Janasena vibes unnai

VB @Mr_ViolentBoy

#georgereddy is my all time favourite Real hero and Inspiration Even #Yuva movie lo Suriya Character kuda GR nunchi Inspire aindey Long back Mana #Pawankalyan George Reddy meda movie kuda theddam anukunnadu George Reddy story kosam Director ni kuda approach ayyadu

dHERO @DheerajDJ5

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