Rakhi Sawant in one of the Koffee With Karan episodes said that, what God can't give, doctors can". She was addressing her breast enhancement surgery that she did to get more relevant work and stive in the industry. Likewise, serval actors, cricketers and known personalities opt for skin-lightening treatments. For instance, there were reports of Alia Bhatt taking Glutathione Injections.

Salman Khan goes for a hair transplant. And some fix their smile and jaws. While others opt for nose and lip surgery.

virat and Anushka

A few years back Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, and Anushka Sharma had gone under the knife their look post nose and lip surgery didn't go down well with the fans and they trolled them for ruining their natural beauty. Celebs also go for fat-burning such as liposuction

Celebs then and now pictures show how much money they have invested and the facial changes show that they have certainly done something to look a certain way.

Not just the new-age actors, even Rekha and Sangeeta Bijlani ensure they smile wrinkle-free.

Be it skin tightening, hair transplant or skin whitening, celebs' obsession to look perfect never goes out of fashion.

Virat Kohli trolled for undergoing nose surgery 

And now, netizens have dug out a rather new picture of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and compared it with his current picture and are of the view that he now looks different, not just because of his weight loss regime, but his facial structure has changed and he looks sharp.

A section of eagle-eyed Redditors were of the view that Virat had done surgery on his nose.

A user wrote, "Makeup plus fillers plus botox... they don't even have to worry about their skin sagging.. :(."

Another mentioned, "I cannot absolutely assert that he hasn't but I have lost face fat and my nose jaw line cheek bones everything changed significantly! Yes, my nose became thinner and longer."

His ardent fans came out in support and said that he is one of the fittest athletes and when a person loses weight, the fat around the face especially the nose also subsides.


Every netizen had their theory over Virat's nose job.

A user said, "It's all due to exercise and good skin care. He hasn't done any surgeries."

Virat gears up for World Cup

On the cricketing front, Virat Kohli is all geared up to play the World Cup.

Arch cricket rivals India and Pakistan are set to play against each other in the World Cup on October 14, 2023.

Meanwhile reports claim that Virat is all set to embrace fatherhood for the second time.