Rihanna and Chris Brown

Valentine's Day could be a tough occasion for many who are still hung up on their exes, and that's the case even for celebrities. People take steps to reconnect with their emotional side and reach out to their long broken love in an attempt to either rekindle the romance or fix things right, in case the break-up was bad. And Chris Brown is no different. The singer is known to have a bad history with Good Girl Gone Bad singer, Rihanna. Yet, this did not stop him from sending a beautiful bunch of red roses to the singer. Was he trying to get back with her?

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Not exactly! Hollywood Life report reveals that Brown sent those flowers to Rihanna as a gesture to show them how special she is to him and let her know that she is always on his mind. "Brown sent Rihanna and her mother flowers for Valentine's Day. It was the least he could do for two women he has the utmost love and respect for. The genuine gesture was to show them how special they are and let them know they're on his mind on a day like this," the source told Hollywood Life.

But what prompted the sudden action? Apparently, the source revealed, this is a normal gesture by Brown every Valentine's Day. "This type of sh*t always happens to Chris on Valentine's Day. He gets in touch with his feelings and starts reaching out to all his exes. Part of him wants to talk to every ex-girlfriend he's f*cked over and ask them what he can do to be a better man. Deep down, Chris wants to be in REAL, serious love," the source shared.

Brown is currently rumoured to be dating model Vanessa Vargas, while Rihanna was last seen attending the Grammys 2017 where she was sipping a drink from a bejewelled hip flask.