Celebs at Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy success party
Celebs at Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy success partyTwitter

Style icon Allu Arjun has apparently hinted at a split between Allu and mega families, as he tweeted the pictures of the success party of megastar Chiranjeevi's Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (SRNR) on Saturday.

Along with his family members, Allu Arjun watched the movie at the AMB Cinema a day after it hit the screens. The film opened to record-breaking response and garnered good response and collection on the following days. Three days after its release Allu family hosted a lavish success party for the team of the movie. Chiranjeevi, Surender Reddy, Ram Charan and many among other core team members attended it

Hours later, Allu Arjun tweeted few pictures of the success party of Sye Raa on October 5 and wrote, "It's was a pleasure for the entire Allu family to host a success party for Sye Raa unit. So happy to host this for our MEGASTAR garu along with many other stars & directors. The pleasure was totally ours. I thank everyone for joining us on behalf of the Allu Family."

Telugu film industry has six leading families like Mega, Nandamuri, Daggubati, Akkineni, Ghattamaneni and Manchu, who have a strong control over the Tollywood industry. The mega family includes the members of Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind's families and no one addresses them separately. Probably for the first time, Allu Arjun mentioned it in his tweet, which sparked a big debate on the split.

Reply to Allu Arjun's tweet; Chiranjeevi with Allu Aravind
Reply to Allu Arjun's tweet; Chiranjeevi with Allu AravindTwitter

Allu Arjun is one of the most popular Telugu actors and he is among the biggest influencers on social media. But the style icon did not share his views on the teaser, trailer and other promos of Sye Raa. Many fans were upset with him and his silence triggered debates. However, he put the fights to rest by wishing the team two days before the release of the movie.

Since the success party of Sye Raa happened within the family, Allu Arjun may have casually mentioned two names like Allu and mega families. When the people in the industry said  All(u)'s well that ends well, the Bunny calling the names has sparked another debate on social media. Many fans of the mega family replied to his tweet and expressed their outburst against him. Here are some of their comments.

Replies to Allu Arjun's tweet
Replies to Allu Arjun's tweetTwitter

Hanu @HanuNews

Thanks for the confirmation bro... You are not megafamily... You are allu family... Good.

Setty @setty_kr143

What a comedy allu family, nuvvu cinimalloki vachetappudu cheppavasindi ee maata, Comedy actor manavallu, kodukulu anthamandi stars ayyaro thamaru chebithe baguntundi, anthina ayyaki thagga kodukive. Aeru date daaka padava mallayya aeru dataka bodi mallayya annadanta neelantivadu

Hemanth @HemanthAllufan

ALLU FAMILY aaa name anav chudu chalu maku ❤ ❤

#SyeRaaOnOct2nd @avinashcherrypk

Allu Family Hosted a Party To Mega Family


Jai ALLU ANNAYA !! Vinadaniki chala bagundthii continue ipo !!!

Nani @Nani60747270

Kothamandi bunny fans ani cheppukuntu mega family ni annutunnaru vallu bunny kadhu they hate mega family

$ $ 〽️ ️ ✌️ 6 @urstruly__kiran

Mega family lo akhil akkineni koda na ade le allu family lo

Alwayschotu @FansofCherry_FC

Prathi okariki oka history untundi...na (bunny) history peru Megastar.... Those lines from u still better than cheppanu brother

Tejᗅᗅ'' @sAAitejAA

Allu Family Aahaaa... Vinadaniki entha Bagundoooo

#AlluArjun @AlluBhai_Fan

So sweet of u bunny anna ikkada ne manchi intentions ni koda mislead chestunaru chusko We are with u anna

Free Ga Move Avvudhamᴬᴬ™ @JulayiAADHF

Nuvvu ra pro Ante #AlluFamily

మేక, @meka_galaxy

I never saw #AA used allu family,I think it's first time, Only bcs of chillara M fans #Allufamily

@agression cult @nares1hbabu

Thupukk Megayyssss...... papam bunny ni hurt chesaruu..... Pre rel event roju arvind garu matladthunteyyy insult chesaru...kanisam RC mike teskoni silent ga undandi ani kudaa chapppaledu.....

Dada #NTR @MadhuSkowshik9

Baga ichav Bunny Monna stage meeda Allu Aravind ki chesindaniki