Kamaal R Khan's claims that Ajay Devgn refused to wait for SRK to resume their ad shoot shocked many. KRK, in his tweet, had claimed that Ajay Devgn wanted to go ahead with his own commitment and told the ad-makers rudely that he would not wait for SRK to be back to resume the shoot. KRK also claimed that Ajay reportedly said that he had nothing to do with Aryan Khan's arrest.

Shah Rukh Khan
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KRK's tweet

"According to reports, Ajay Devgn did shoot his portion for pan masala advertisement on the shoot date while #SRK cancelled shoot. Ajay told producers that he has nothing to do with SRK's personal problem. So he can't give another date for the shoot. Fair enough! This is family!" KRK tweeted. Many had trolled Ajay Devgn and Kajol, who happen to be closest friends to Shah Rukh and family.

The untold story

However, now, a Bollywoodlife report states that nothing of this sort happened. It states that Ajay Devgn is also a father and truly understands the pain Shah Rukh and the family is going through. He didn't say any such thing as claimed by KRK.

"Ajay is very well aware and understands the sensitivity of the matter and he is a doting father to his own two children, he truly understands another parent's pain at this time," the website quoted a source saying.

Ajay has always been quite vocal about his appreciation for Shah Rukh Khan. Kajol shares an incredible bond with SRK and the two remain thickest friends in the industry.