Three years since her divorce with director AL Vijay, the issue refuses to die. Recently, his father had commented in an interview where he held Dhanush responsible for the trouble in his son's paradise.

Amala Paul Defends Dhanush
Now, Amala Paul has reacted to the issue. She has termed it as an unnecessary controversy and called it her personal issue. She reinstates that nobody is responsible for her divorce with her ex-husband and calls Dhanush her "well-wisher."

Talking about her second wedding, Amala Paul has said that the marriage is not on the cards and she would formally announce about it once she wraps up all her commitments.

Amala Paul
Amala Paul.Instagram

A New Man in Amala's Life
 Amala Paul is in love again. She revealed it during the promotional interview of her movie Aadai. "He is not somebody who keeps praising me and flattering me. He would tell my flaws. After watching my previous films, he said you are such a shi**y actor. He told me 'I am surprised that you are still surviving in the industry.. you never took care of yourself. You never worked on your acting. You will just go to sets and work. This is not how things work.' He opened my third eye," the 27-year old said.

Whereas AL Vijay has married Dr Aishwarya, last year.

Dhanush and Amala Paul
Dhanush and Amala Paul in VIP 2.PR Handout

What AL Azhagappan had said?
AL Azhagappan, in an interview with a YouTube channel, said that Amala Paul had agreed to quit films after marrying AL Vijay. However, the actress was convinced to act in his production Amma Kanakku by Dhanush. Thereafter, Amala Paul decided to act again in the films. Thus his son's marriage ended in divorce.

Vijay's Reaction
However, neither AL Vijay nor Amala Paul has spoken in length about the reason behind their split.

"The base for any marital relationship is honesty and trust, when that is breached the very existence of committed relationship becomes meaningless. I really value the institution of marriage and relationship a lot," he had said in a press release, then.

Amala Paul-AL Vijay Divorce
Amala Paul and AL Vijay.PR Handout